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The Black team once again finds the treasure in Episode #12.

The beginning of Episode #12 saw five crew members remaining aboard the
Picton Castle — Captain Christa, Jay, Ben, Louie and Laurel. When
the lots were drawn to determine the teams, Christa and Jay and Ben all
were on the Black team with Louie and Laurel — the two physically weakest
members of the remaining crew — on the Red team. Adding to the Red team's
trouble the treasure hunt in this episode was one of the toughest in the
series, with the team being required to swim to shore this time and then
climb a mountain with a killer 45 degree grade. Louie and Laurel did their
best, but once again the strength and smarts of Captain Christa and the Black
team prevailed. And unlike the previous week the treasure didn't consist of
rusty nails but of gold pieces, much to the relief of the Black team.

When the black marks were given out they went to Ben and Laurel. Putting
in Ben was Christa's way of trying to get rid of Laurel. But when push came
to shove Louie couldn't betray his close friendship with Laurel and voted
against Ben. Jay on the other hand voted against Laurel according to plan.
Thus there was a tie, and according to the Rules Captain Christa had to break
the tie and chose which crew member to cut adrift, and of course she chose

When the treasure hunt began in Episode #13 the Black team consisted of
Christa and Jay and the Red team of Ben and Louie. As Jay had done some
weaks before, Ben purposely acted as a double agent in the hunt, doing
various things that would slow him and Louie down to give the advantage
to the Black team. The duplicity worked, and Christa and Jay got to the
treasure first and claimed it. After getting back to the ship, Christa divided
the loot amongst her and Jay and Ben. Perhaps feeling a little guilty about
deceiving Louie, they all chipped in and gave him a small cut of gold.

Unfortunately that kindness wasn't to be found when the black marks were
given out. With only four members remaining, and two geting the black
spots, that meant that there would only be one voting member of the
crew. Whoever that sole voting member was would have an incredible
amount of power, being able to either determine who was cut adrift or
voting to mutiny and deposing the captain. Christa chose to put her trust
in Jay as the voting crew member and gave the black marks to Ben and
Louie. "I would rather be the second best of the Best than the first of
the Worst" she said, explaining her choice to have Jay as the voting
member. There was quite a bit of tension amongst all the members —
Christa and Ben and Louie — as no one was really sure what Jay would
do. But when the vote was cast Jay almost surprisingly went for the old
loyalties between himself and Christa and Ben, and good-natured Louie
was voted off the ship.

The next update will cover the 2-hour finale of Pirate Master, as well
as some thoughts on the show in general.

And then there were three.