I don't know what Maryann looks like exactly,
but I imagine that she looks something like this.

Today I got this wonderful message through the message system here
at Opera from a girl named Maryann. Here's what she wrote:

"It is my pleasure to contact you after going through your profile,
I am searching for a sincere man for true love with marriage potentials
long term relationship and I believed I have found you. You can write to
me through my email address(maryann_abana01@yahoo.com)so that
I will send some of my pics to you and I will also tell you all about
my self. I am looking forward to your reply soonest. Have a nice day."

At last, my dream girl has found me! Of course that might not make my
BFF Julie too happy — but I'm sure she'll understand when she reads how
sincere and wonderful Maryann is and how we were almost certainly meant
to be with each other.

Well, I'd better go to the bank and close out my account and then pack
my suitcases. I'm off to who knows where to be with Maryann!

I also got a message from a girl named Ginger.
Gee, I hope Maryann doesn't get jealous.