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Christa congratulates Ben.

Well if nothing else I've kept true to my intention of doing the entire
Pirate Master series on CBS, even if my posts were duplicated to
a degree on the PM web site itself and even if nobody really
cared to read the stuff. But I'm glad I did — I hate doing things in an
incomplete form.

When we last left Pirate Master, the crew members had been cut
down to the final three — Christa, Jay, and Ben. At the beginning of
the finale the three had to go off on a treasure hunt individually. The
treasure this time was gold, but more importantly would allow the victor
a guaranteed shot at the final treasure. As such the three took off to
the island. They had to swim to shore instead of taking the row boats,
and once there had to climb a rough 45 grade up the side of a mountain.
It was an all-out breakneck race between the three, and when it was all
over Ben's strength and speed was the determining factor and he won the
race for the treasure and became the next captain of the Picton Castle.

When the time for Pirate's court came around Christa and Jay
automatically received the black marks as Ben was captain. And then
former contestants were brought back to form the new jury of sorts to
determine who would be eliminated. These former "ghost crew" members
came back up on deck, some donning some pretty scary eye make-up to fit
their "ghost" roles. And then Christa and Jay had to defend themselves
to the ghost crew. As it turned out, Jay's dark deeds finally caught up
with him. He was eliminated but not cut adrift, and joined the ghost
crew who would figure into the last treasure search.

Ben and Christa, as the remaining contestants, had to pick amongst the
ghost crew to pick three members each to help them on the next and final
treasure hunt that would result in "all the marbles" — a half million
dollars in gold. A little bit of politics went down in the selection,
with a few of the ghost crew members getting significant bribes or at
least the promise of such to be on Ben or Christa's team respectively.
Ben's crew finally consisted of Azmyth, Cheryl, and Jupiter; while
Christa chose Jay, Nessa, and John. To anyone who had watched the show
up to that point, a couple of those choices were very surprising, if
not to say incomprehensible.

The final treasure hunt of the series was, as one might expect, rather
involved — too involved to be gone into in any great detail here. Both
teams did rather well through most of the search, and the ghost crew
members (especially Jay on Christa's team) made notable contributions.
In fact at several points Christa had fallen significantly behind Ben in
the search, and even John became a factor by carrying a heavy iron chest
down a steep hill when Christa became too tired to manage it.

As it turned out, the treasure that had been sought all along on the
show turned out to be inside the same treasure chest they had been
staring at on board the ship over the many weeks. Which I thought was a
good bit of irony thrown into it. Ben made it back to the ship first,
but had some trouble working the puzzle that needed to be solved and
eventually Christa got back to the ship also. But when it came down to
it Ben had too much of a lead. Finally solving the puzzle, he got the
combination to the treasure chest and flipped open the secret lid to
reveal the half-million dollars in gold. When Ben won the treasure
Christa jumped up on him in congratulations — I think they were both
just physically and emotionally exhausted at that point. It had been a
tough treasure search and a tougher 14 weeks.

And so Ben became Pirate Master.

Ben with his treasure — a cool, hard half million in gold.

Ben, who is a musician, said that he was going to use his winnings to
take it easy for a while and lay on the beach and do some surfing.

Before Pirate Master, I had never been interested in reality
shows. But PM intrigued me with its theme and the beautiful
location in the Caribbean, and I found it to be at the very least a
break from the summer repeats of the regular drama series. As to why it
got poor ratings and was put into "web site only" mode for the final
episodes, I can only speculate. A few people I talked with seemed to
think it was on the stupid side, as the show didn't feature any "real
pirate" kind of action. I guess they wanted the crew of the Picton
to go sailing around the Caribbean burning and looting and
taking hostages for ransom from cruise ships. Perhaps CBS is simply
saving that kind of thing for Pirate Master 2.

The sun sets on the Picton Castle and on Pirate Master.