Manuel Noriega.
You'll have to forgive his appearance,
I think it was "Casual Friday" when he
was picked up.

Things seem to be a little complicated surrounding the release of Panamanian
General and strongman Manuel Noriega, who was due to be released on
September 9th from the U.S. prison where he has spent the last 17 years.
France wants him for drug racketeering charges and Panama wants him for
political crimes.

Sooner or later, though, he's going to get out and go somewhere, and
evidently the main trouble right now is that he doesn't have a decent
suit to wear. Noriega was wearing his military uniform when he was
arrested, and in prison was wearing his prison uniform. So what the
ex-General needs is some civilian clothes.

I found this nice suit on-line at the Men's Wearhouse. I figure that if
Noriega got paid .10 cents per day making license plates that he should
have a little nest-egg of about $620.00 US saved up. Which should get
him the suit and some shoes and a shirt and tie.

The Men's Wearhouse slogan is "You're going to like the way you look."
I hear it all the time on the TV ads. So I think that Noriega should get
his suit there — although there are other places. In fact if anyone has
their own recommendation as to where the ex-dictator can get a good suit
at a discount price, just let me know and I will forward the suggestion

I think this light-wool Calvin Kline
suit would look real spiffy on Noriega —
it runs $399.99 US at the Men's Wearhouse.