About a week ago, seemingly for no reason whatsoever, the BLOG SEARCH
feature on the sidebar here at P.M.P.I. stopped working. I tested it
several times, making sure to enter posts where I knew the titles and
to get the spelling right. But no luck. The thing is fubared.

It is true that I made some minor tweeks to the CSS of my sidebar yesterday.
But the dysfunctionality of the search tool preceded that by a good number
of days. So it's not my changes.

So until the Opera Monkeys get around to fixing whatever the hell it is
that got screwed up, I am removing the BLOG SEARCH component from
the sidebar. At least then any readers I have won't be frustrated to try
to use it only to have it not work.

And, while I'm at it, I am also removing the POST CALENDAR from the
sidebar. Time doesn't quite mean the same thing to me these days as it
used to….days, weeks, months…yeah, whatever.