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For a person that spends quite a bit of time observing American culture,
I can sometimes be a little slow when it comes to certain things in that

Take e-bay, for example. I've known for a long time that a lot of people
find it an interesting and even entertaining place to just go and browse
around — kind of like the world's largest flea market. But I've never
really been to e-bay in the past except on a couple of occasions when I
was seeing what was available out there in terms of used camera stuff.

But this afternoon, primarily out of boredom and following an idea from
another of my posts, I ended up getting into what there was on e-bay in
the way of celebrity merchandise stuff, mainly autographed photos of Brad
Pitt (don't ask!). But doing that I ran across one of Drew Barrymore. "Ah,
that's more like it" I said to myself and to no one in particular. And, since
I was there anyway, I just did a wider search for "Drew Stuff."

Here's some of what I found. And I should say too that if it hadn't been
about a week before my next check comes in that I probably would have
bought every bit of this crap. And I'm very serious about that.

NOTE TO SELF: Stay off of e-bay.

One of Drew's cutest photos, and autographed
to boot. ($14.99)

There's no better way to start out the morning than
with a Drew coffee mug. Okay, maybe there is, but I want
the mug anyway. ($8.99)

To complement the coffee mug, you can have a
cigarette with your coffee pulled from your very
own Drew Barrymore cigarette case. ($9.99)

Now that you've got your coffee and cigarette
and it's time to hit your computer, you can sit
down to work with your Drew mousepad. I use a
track-ball mouse and don't even need a mousepad,
but what the hell. ($12.00)

This is a "movie card" issued as part of
a set for Batman Forever. I don't know what
I would do with it — maybe set it next to
my Frank Thomas baseball cards. ($.99)

Of course when Christmas comes around I've got
to have this bulb to put up. Which is about as
close as I'm ever going to come to finding Drew
under my tree. ($4.99)

And when the day is over and it's time for bed,
I can use this Drew pillowcase and give her a big
good-night kiss. ($14.99)