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You are my weakness
Please tell me your secret
And save me a fortune in tears

— Shannon Curtis, "Wasted"

God I would hate to be a musician. It's one thing sitting here in front of
the text editor and pushing through a new story, wondering if anything
(if ever) will come of it, if anyone will ever read it. But it's another thing
entirely to have to pack up a 70 pound keyboard into the car and drive down
the endless highway to the next gig, sick of coffee and sick of filling stations
and lumpy motel room beds. Nor could I imagine getting up there on stage in
front of a bunch of strangers and pouring my guts out, wondering what they
will think of it. I may get comments on stories here occasionally. But there's
something kind of remote about that. It's not up close and personal like it
is for musicians.

Last night me and my BFF Julie went back to Caterina Winery to see a trio
of female singer-songwriters they had booked there. Julie had invited me,
and I didn't know any of the artists. But no matter. We went to check it
out. And once again Caterina has shown that somebody there at the winery
has a real talent for finding and booking — well, talent.

The show featured a local songwriter named Kaylee Cole, one from Portland
by the name of Debra Allin, and one from L.A. named Shannon Curtis. Kaylee
was young, just starting out. Debra had a booming voice and her set was more
in the way of jazz. It was Shannon, however, who did truly prove to be the
"headline act" or it's equivalent.

The very intimate, coffee-house style venue of Caterina Winery makes it
possible for the singers to interact with the small crowd somewhat — open
up a bit and tell stories. And all three singers, to one degree or another,
took advantage of that.

Shannon's Yamaha keyboard was truly awesome — from the back where
I was sitting it sounded like a concert grand. As for her singing and
song-writing abilities, you can listen to Shannon yourself at her MySpace
page. I particularly liked the song "Wasted" — be sure to check that one
out if nothing else. You can also buy her album there or buy the songs
individually in MP3 format for only 99 cents — a helluva deal.

Shannon is just about halfway through a mega-long road tour with that 70
pound keyboard. I wish her the best: Calm sea and Prosperous voyage.

I also copped one of her photos for this post. I hope she doesn't mind —
free advertising, right?

And I should mention too that Julie treated me to a glass of Caterina's
ultra-fine Sauvingon Blanc, which we had there on one earlier occasion.
There's a little advertising for Caterina, too, just to thank them for
the great show.