It's strange, but a little over a month ago I was thinking about the
possibility of not doing any more actress lists. I guess my thinking
at the time was it was maybe time to move the blog in a new direction.

But since then, having given quite a bit of thought to all the negativity
out there in culture these days, I decided that the lists might be worth
keeping. And in any case there's an old saying — "if it ain't broke, don't
fix it."

Following from the Scandinavian List that I did what seems ages ago, I
decided to go south across the equator and east: to the Land Down Under.

There are a lot of Australian and New Zealand actresses, and of course I
couldn't have posted all of them even if I could have found all the photos.
What I've posted here are merely my favorites — and I hope a few of yours
too. And, since I might not get back to posting any more photos of some of
these actresses, I've posted a couple of each. Call it a bonus.

(NOTE: I didn't include Rachel Griffiths or Greta Scacchi because I
couldn't find any photos that I liked of them. And I didn't post any of
Kate Blanchett simply because I don't like her.)

Anna Paquin.

VERY beautiful.

And incidentally, Anna was actually born
in Canada and then later moved to Australia.

Anna getting down to some hard
rock in Almost Famous.

The "real" Anna Paquin has the letter
"A" tattooed on her right ankle.
So beware of imitations!

Naomi Watts.

It's not apparent in this particular photo,
but I think there's a quality that's both
beautiful and a bit Tom-boyish about Naomi.
Almost as if she was out playing rugby and
then came back and put on a dress.

Naomi again.

This must be the Coyote Ugly
equivalent for the high-class joints.

Naomi takes advantage of the office's
new 'casual Friday' rule in The Ring. And
she really needs to call tech support about
that door.

Poppy Montgomery.

For those who don't know her, Poppy stars
in the U.S. crime drama Without A Trace.
She is also a natural redhead, and you can
definitely tell by her features in this photo.

In a recent poll, 9 out of 10 men admitted
that they would be willing to get into an
empty bathtub with Poppy and drink tequila.

Nicole Kidman.

I don't know who broke up with who, but I would
be willing to bet that Tom Cruise will spend the
rest of his life imagining this, whether he admits
it or not.

Nicole in Malice, with a
bump on her head.

Another close-up of Nicole, this time
from Dead Calm.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Judy Davis.

Just when I thought I had finally ended my
imaginary relationship with Judy, I do this
post and remember how great she is. So I guess
we are fictitiously back together again.

If you've ever wondered what Judy would look like
packing a futuristic sci-fi pistol, well, here ya go.