Water in St. Marks Plaza, Venice.
(Photo source)

The other day on the news I heard that Venice, Italy had picked up 40
inches of flood waters in the city. Evidently this is a common occurrence
there. It has nothing to do with precipitation, but with the ebb and flux
of the Adriatic combined with the gradual sinking of the city into the
lagoon on which it is built. There have been various proposals to deal
with the problem.

I checked the web-cam in my side bar early this morning (see photo
below) but couldn't see any appreciable difference in the water level
compared to a similar web-photo saved on the 1st of September. But that
doesn't mean much really — the tide could have gone down between the
high tide and the time the photo was taken. In any case, you can see
from the photo just how little margin there is in the city for rising

The above link is a very good read from several aspects and I highly
recommend it. There is also an interesting side-bar type article a ways
down dealing with tourism in the City of The Doges. Five years ago when
I looked into the cost of going to Venice I was told that bookings there
were very difficult to get and you had to book perhaps years in advance.
But unless you want to go during Carnival, evidently that is not the
case. I was surprised to learn too that the population of the city has
been declining.

Long live the Republic!