I was lying in bed late last night watching a rerun of one of the original
Star Trek episodes, when this strange commercial came on. It was
a ten second spot for a product called Head On. "What the hell?" I said
to myself as the advertisement ended. I had no idea what the Head On ad
was about or what it was advertising.

So today I got on the internet and found out. Head On is a topical
application to relieve headache. And, as the commercial will burn into
your brain so deeply that it will be lodged there pretty much forever,
you simply apply it directly to the forehead.

Evidently the commercial is rather famous, or perhaps infamous. On
youTube I found a Remix version of the commercial, as well as something
called the Head On Auditions tape. And there's lots of other bullshit
surrounding the commercial that you can find there too.

I don't know if the product works or not, as I haven't tried it. But
one thing I do know — you apply it directly to the forehead.

Head On has been found to be much more
practical for relieving headache than its
nearest competitor, Head Off.