More dumping on the blog.

Many years ago I joined a photography users group called Photosig. When
I first joined the basic membership was free and it was a good way to
put my photos out on the internet where people could see them. A few
years ago the basic membership went up to $35 US per year, but since I
had been there so long I was grand-fathered in.

These days, since I've started the blog, I post my photos here. And I've
found myself going to Photosig less and less. So today I decided to make
a final break with it. As a part of that I decided also to transfer some
of the better Photosig images here, where they properly belong.

Most of these photos, in fact I'm pretty sure all of them, were taken
with my old Olympus E-10 — which I affectionately call "Elvira" due to
the fact that with her fast f/2 Zuiko lens she is truly Mistress of the

I-365 West to Post Falls.




Museum 3x2x1.

Night Train West.


Paulsen Building.

Dark Rose.


Riverfront Park.