In the previous Retro Post, I tried to find really nice photos, with an
emphasis on the eyes. In this one I still tried to find really nice photos
but allowed myself to pan back somewhat and even include some old-school
Hollywood cheesecake.

I started out with over 50 photos. These were narrowed down to 21 photos
of 21 different actresses. Then I narrowed those down to the present 14.
So if your favorite old-time actress isn't on the list, that's probably why.
The emphasis here was on really evocative photos that conveyed something
about the actress and not necessarily on how famous an actress was. Thus
you will find a photo of Madge Evans, who isn't very well known today.
The same philosophy also led me to pick an informal photo of Ava Garder
when she was young over her later glamour photos. And there's just a killer
one of Veronica Lake that I fell in love with, as well as the wonderful
Mary Pickford photo.

Mary Pickford.

Barbara Stanwyck.

Madge Evans.

Jean Harlow.

Claudette Colbert.

Carol Lombard.

Ann Sothern.

Ginger Rogers.

Rita Hayworth.

Lana Turner.

Veronica Lake.

Ava Gardner.

Elizabeth Taylor.

Marilyn Monroe.

And with that great shot of the ultimate
cheesecake actress of all time standing on her
head, I think I will conclude these lists.