Happy Halloween![/COLOR]

Well, it's Halloween. The day when guys get to dress up
like their favorite superhero without everybody thinking
they are retarded. And the day on which girls get to dress
up like slutty nurses without people actually thinking they
are slutty nurses. I'm talking about the adults, of course.
The children can pretty much dress up like anything they want
— animals, flowers, vampires and monsters, and of course aliens.
And as for actual vampires and aliens, they can just be
themselves for once and get away with it.

I didn't know what to give the Trick O' Treaters this year.
Normally I will give the kids a tiny airline bottle of whiskey
and a couple of cigarettes. But this year I don't have any
airline bottles of booze and I'm running low on cigarettes.
So I guess the poor kids are just shit out of luck when it
comes to stopping by ole Ed's place.

In some parts of the world, November 1st is the Day of the Dead,
otherwise known as All Souls Day. This is a special day
when we all get to spend some time thinking about dead people.
I wonder just who the hell came up with that idea?

Anyway, I hope you all get a lot of candy this Halloween.
In whatever way you would like to define "candy," of course.
I certainly do admire a man
who enjoys his work.