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Patricia Arquette looking pretty damn
hot in

Several years ago NBC launched a show called Medium. It starred
Patricia Arquette and was based on the life and books of real-life
psychic Allison Dubois.

For some reason that I can't remember, I ended up watching the first
couple of episodes. But I quickly grew tired of it. Even though it dealt
with a psychic, most of the show had nothing to do with Dubois or her
consultant work for local law enforcement. In fact it seemed that in the
attempt to portray Dubois as just an "ordinary" person they really went
too far the other way. Out of the 48 minutes that each episodes runs,
only about 10 minutes have anything to do with her psychic dreams or
investigations into crimes. The other 38 minutes are pure Soccer Mom
stuff, with Allison making breakfast for her kids and taking them to
school. There is also a lot of each episode showing scenes between
her and her husband. In fact it seems that in Medium that most of
the show takes place with Allison and her husband lying in bed talking.
And I'm not exaggerating, either. I caught up with the show again during
this summer's repeats, and they were still doing the same thing. Mostly
just lying in bed. Talking.

I have to confess. When I watch Medium it's because of Patricia Arquette,
who is my favorite babe on television these days. She's short, she's blonde,
and (as the old saying goes) she's built like a brick shit-house. Which is
enough of a reason for me to kill an hour watching it.

Medium will return to NBC in January for a new season. In the meantime,
if you want to watch a show which spends a more substantial part of
each episode dealing with cool psychic stuff, watch Ghost Whisperer.

Allison and her husband as you will usually
find them, lying in bed, talking.

Allison calling in to see how her kids are,
no doubt.

No slime and ectoplasm here, just the usual
fish sticks and creamed corn for dinner.

Allison does occasionally do stuff to justify
the salary the city is paying her.

Just your ordinary soccer mom slash
very sexy psychic investigator.

In bed again.

I guess here she must be hunting for
the Big Bad Wolf.

I don't know what she's up to here, but
evidently it has something to do with serving
up beer in a Czechoslovakian pub.

Allison warns her husband of the dangers of
wearing that particular tie with the suit
he picked out.

Allison collapses after a tough day of
running the kids around.

And just a preview from the upcoming season.