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He's so pretty!!!

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Last night the Sex Pistols were on The Late Late Show with host Craig
Ferguson. They weren't the original Sex Pistols, of course. Johnny Rotten
quit the band early. And Sid Vicious has been dead since 1979. So it would
be difficult for Sid to sing much today. Not so much because he is dead but
due to the fact that he's still whacked out of his gourd on heroin even after
all these years.

A lot has changed since 1979. And then again, a lot hasn't. Punk these
days, or at least most of it, tends more towards melodic hooks than the
old slam-your-head-against-a-wall maximum volume punk of the 70s and
early 80s. But punk is punk, really. There's still a lot of crap to scream
about going on out there — that hasn't changed so much. And human
existence hasn't changed much either.

As far as those who say that the current Sex Pistols tour is "embarrassing"
or whatever, well just f*** that. It doesn't make any difference if John
Lydon is singing the songs these days. They're the same damn songs.

So crank up the volume you old f***in toads and get outta your chair and
slam, okay. I know I did. Cause one day, your just gonna be lying in that
grave like old Sid.