Last night I got together with my BFF Julie for drinks after she got off
work. We had an appetizer and the drinks and talked a good bit. Then,
since it was the First Friday art walk here in Spokane, Julie took me on
an interesting if rather Xenophonic trip to various locations (Just joking,
Julie!). We stopped by the Montvale Hotel, a very old hotel here which was
remodeled. Julie said that she liked it better than the Davenport. And I
agreed. We tried to get a seat at Ella's which I had never been to (big
surprise there) but it was packed. Ella's kinda reminds me of a club you
would find in a Raymond Chandler novel except that I wasn't packin' any
heat and didn't have the club owner breathing down my neck about my client's
gambling debts. A pretty cool place, and me and Julie decided that we would
definitely have to go back on a less crowded night. We eventually ended up at
this tiny bar behind the Brooklyn Deli called the Blue Moon.

The following shots were all taken at the Montvale. I wasn't using flash
and had a really slow shutter, so the one of Julie is a little on the blurry
side. But you can at least make out her new hairstyle. Cute, huh?

Lobby of the Montvale.

Elevator at the Montvale, with some rather cool lighting.

Julie, with her new hairstyle.