Well as most of you are probably aware, the Writer's Guild of America,
unable to come to any agreement with representatives of the television
and movie industries, have gone on strike.

The strike will affect most television dramas and comedies, with the
possible exception of CSI: Miami, which I don't think has any actual
writers. It could also affect the movie industry somewhere down the
pipe if the strike lasts too long.

So, I guess I'm on strike. Though I'm not a member of WGA, I certainly
can sympathize with their position. More and more money is being made
off of DVDs, cable television, and the internet these days. And the
writers want to make sure they get a bigger cut. Seeing as their contract
hasn't been updated in that area since 1988, I think it's pretty obvious
that it's time to deal with that again.

I hope the cigar-smoking types in the industry get their shit together
and give the writers their raise. Because without writers, there is no
entertainment industry — the American public doesn't want to live off
of nothing but reality shows.

I've come up with a list of things I could do during the 3 to 4 months
that the strike is expected to last.


1. Read Anna Karenina, which has been sitting on my dresser
unread since I bought it a month ago.

2. Surf the net for cool new sites. And NOT porn sites this time.

3. Learn to skateboard walk and chew gum at the same time.

4. Rent all the movies that I've wanted to see here and there over the
years, then forgot that I wanted to see, and now remember again. And
watch them.

5. Learn to read Danish, motivating myself along the way by looking at hot
photos of Kirsten Dunst.

6. Drown my writer sorrows in booze, telling everybody at the bar how
"I'm getting totally screwed."

Hmmmm. Looks like I couldn't really think of that many activities that
don't involve writing in some form.

Actually, I am what is known in the entertainment industry as a "show
runner." I'm not only the writer here at P.M.P.I., but I'm the producer
as well. And no matter what anybody says, you can't very well strike
against yourself.

So I'm not going on strike after all, I suppose. In fact, I've already
done this post, so that's pretty obvious I guess.

Never fear, I will continue to post bullshit just like this while the
writers are on strike. So if you get tired of watching Dancing With the
you'll still at least have P.M.P.I.

I guess I'll just have to learn Danish
some other time — (sigh).