John and Lisa O'Hurley.

My mom and me were watching the National Dog Show today on television.
We both got rather pissed that when it came to the Hound Group, which
includes dachshunds, they edited out the section where they showed the
two dachshunds in the group. No dachshunds? C'mon!

One of the commentators for the dog show was John O'Hurley. You may
remember John from his role on Seinfeld, where he played Elaine's boss
Mr. Peterson, the adventure-seeking fashion retailer. He's known for
his shock of thick, distinguished hair and his distinctive voice. He
does the dog shows quite a bit these days, and also writes books and
runs his various businesses.

My mom got curious as to who O'Hurley was dating or married to. So after
the dog show was over I got on the computer and found his web site.

What particularly caught my attention was the language at the bottom
which mentioned his wife.

"O’Hurley enjoys spending free time with his wife of over 2 years, Lisa"
the blurb read.

His wife of over two years? Well, that's putting the most optimistic
face on it, isn't it? Gee, over two years! Not just two years, but
OVER two years!

"Honey, it seems like only a year since we walked down that isle
together. And to think that it's now been over two years!"

I hope that John and Lisa are happy and that they will have many more
great years together — four, five, (hell) maybe even six years!

UPDATE: Some kind soul just left me a comment that the info on his site
is a little behind. They've now been married for over THREE years!