Well it's been all over the blogs lately if not the normal internet or media,
but supposedly Tom Cruise has been picked to play Playboy Enterprises
founder and guru Hugh Hefner in an upcoming movie.

I just really can't picture Cruise in this role. For one thing, as everybody
who has followed Hef over the years knows he is a very quiet guy. And I can't
imagine Cruise in a role where he isn't going to say much. Neither can I imagine
Cruise sitting on a couch in a smoking jacket smoking a pipe. Jumping up and
down on a couch in a sweatshirt, yeah, but not sitting on a couch smoking a pipe.

I think there are a lot better choices out there than Cruise. Here are some
of the ones I thought of for the role of Hef.

(If there's somebody you think would be good for the role, leave me a comment
and I'll add their photo.)

Leonardo DiCaprio.

Besides Cruise, DiCaprio was evidently
the main contender. But DiCaprio seems
to be going through an Orson Wells phase
these days, and even though he is friends
with Hef I doubt he would want to do it.
And I don't think he looks much like Hef,

Kevin Bacon.

Bacon is the right age for the role.
He has the looks and I could definitely
picture him sitting smoking a pipe and
not saying much.

Adrian Brody.

From the looks standpoint, Brody might
be closest I think.

George Clooney.

Clooney is reasonably close in looks
also. And given the role, where he would
be able to be around dozens of scantily-
clad babes for three months while the
movie is shooting, I think Clooney would
volunteer to do it for free.

And while we're at it, how about Eva LaRue
as Hef's 60s-70s girlfriend, Barbi Benton?