Gretchen Wilson.

I accidentally stumbled on Gretchen Wilson while doing a Google
search for another person who I really don't care about either.

What impressed me was her web site. If any site seems to just scream
out "I'ma c'untry western singer," it's Gretchen's.

You've got (see photo above):

  • the beat-up old pick-up truck.
  • the gimme-cap.
  • the faithful dog in the pick-up truck.
  • the boyfriend (not pictured) who has undoubtedly run off with some
    other chic and broken her heart.
  • and even though it's not raining, it looks like it just stopped raining a
    short time before or is just about to start.

Incidentally, our way-scholarly study conducted here at P.M.P.I. has
indicated that by the year 2010 that 1 out of every 5 Americans will
be either a country-western singer or a rap artist.

Wait, is that a train in the background?