I've never done this before here, but I just wanted to link to another
site, The Onion, for a very funny fake-news story. I've been reading
The Onion for many years now, ever since my friend Sean introduced
me to it. It is IMO opinion simply the best out there ("Insignificant
Blogger Gives His Opinion on Something Nobody Cares About" — in
Onion terms).

Anyway, you know that I studied anthropology and have a particular
fondness for archaeology, so you will probably understand why I loved
this one.

Archaeologist Tired Of Unearthing
Unspeakable Ancient Evils

"It's always, 'I will drink your soul' or 'I will chew the flesh from
your bones' with these hellish apparitions," Whitson said. "When I ask
them if that means the ancient Etruscans did, in fact, add copper to
their mixing clay to make their urns more sturdy, they don't even seem
to hear me."

Have fun.