"Dreaming is free." So goes the old Blondie song. Today I was on the
Porsche USA site checking out the new 911 Turbo. What a ride. The
Siberian tiger growl of that engine, it's a kind of music in itself. Putting
on a CD would almost be a waste while driving the 911. And I wouldn't care
if I was cruising down North Division Avenue at a mere 45 mph, as long as
I could hear that tiger in the back, growling.

I let my imagination go a bit. You know, just in case I sell the screen
rights to one of my stories to some big hollywood producer for lots of

So I came up with this color scheme. I call it my "Andy Warhol" Porsche.
Pretty wild, huh? I would never have done this five years ago. The interior
and exterior colors aren't custom. You can get them straight from the factory.

Maybe I could even get a personalized MARILYN license plate for it.

Incidentally, the 911 gets about 25/18 mpg. Which isn't great, but is better
than a lot of trucks and SUVs out there. The engine is very clean-burning.
In fact the emmisions coming out of a 911 in polluted cities like London
or Los Angeles are actually cleaner than the air that goes in. Which may
not be as good as everybody driving a green combined-fuel vehicle, I admit.
On the other hand, I don't know any combined-fuel vehicles that can do
0-60 in 3.7 seconds.(Indy cars running ethanol can do the length of a
football field in 1 second. But they aren't hybrids, and have engines
that you will probably never find on a production automobile.)


Exterior — classic yellow.

Interior — red! — Whoa!