Back in the 70s a sci-fi television program came out called Space 1999.
I'm sure some of you will remember it. It was a British show, and was an
attempt to do a Star Trek kind of thing. Wanting the show to be a hit in
America, they brought in Martin Laundau and Barbara Bain, a popular
husband and wife team that had starred in Mission Impossible. But other
than that the show mostly starred British actors. The show ran from
1975 to 1977. I remember watching some of the episodes way back then.

The tag line for the Space 1999 series was "The Future is Fantastic!"
Funny, I don't remember 1999 as being all that fantastic. And I don't
think that anything I saw exploration-wise on the TV show ended up
having any correspondence in the real world of 1999. Although there
was that episode where they fell into a black hole — which actually
did happen to the U.S. in 2002.

Anyway, as to what our world is going to be in 2019, I don't even want
to think about it. Just like I usually don't like to think about what our
world is like today.

One thing I will predict about the year 2019, though, if I may be so
bold as to do so:

It is NOT going to be fantastic — just call it a feeling.

Try as I might, I really don't remember
the Great Polyester Epidemic of 1999.