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President Brad Pitt?

Kinda has a nice ring to it, don't it?

Well after one year that saw the Democratic and Republican candidates
talk endlessly gearing up for the run to the White House 2008, we finally
had a primary here (or "caucus" really) and people actually voted. The
result seems to be, coming out of that, that the American people are
already sick of the candidates that are out there right now. The winds
can change very quickly here in the U.S., especially when driven by a
media high-pressure system. And that's what we are seeing now. It's as
if Americans are finally saying to themselves "Hey, who gave us all
these bums, anyway?"

Me and my BFF Julie got together last Friday downtown after she got off
work. We had a few drinks and then went to Luigi's Italian restaurant
for dinner. Julie had the manicotti. I had one of the specials, lobster
in garlic and gouda cheese sauce with fettucini.

During dinner we talked about a variety of subjects. At one point Julie
happened to mention that she thought that we should bring in Brad Pitt
to run for President, and Leonardo DiCaprico as Vice-President. It would
be a high-media campaign, of course — celebrities get that kind of
attention anyway. They could be the real, truly alternative choice for
the next election.

I thought it an excellent idea. And I should mention that I've always
believed that third-parties are a waste of a vote; so this is a real
sea-change for me. I'm frankly so sick of all the bums in Washington
that I want to throw them all out on their asses. So other than not
voting at all, or an idea I had for doing a write-in vote for my dirty
socks, the idea of going in and possibly wasting my vote makes some
strange kind of sense to me this time.

I think Pitt would draw a lot of young people, the 18-28 ones. He
wouldn't draw conservatives, but that's expected anyway. The question
would really be how many moderates he would draw. And frankly, I think
he would do just fine there, too. I think the mood coming out of the
Iowa caucus really suggests that most Americans really are tired of the
"Same Old Crew." And for that, to truly be alternative, we need somebody
like Pitt who is completely outside of the current political sphere.

So, why not? — It's time we fixed the wheel on this old stagecoach and
put somebody new to drivin' the horses. And maybe then, if we're lucky,
we'll make Laredo by nightfall.