(Viewer contributed photos via KREM News Spokane.)

I've done a couple of posts here lately where I mentioned that we've
been getting some snow lately. Well, we've gotten more — and lots of
it. I've had the line "Snow, wonderful snow" up on my sidebar status
line for a good while now. I hope that I didn't cast some sort of spell
by doing so. A snow spell.

It started snowing Saturday almost straight-up at noon. And, with a
few 15 or 20 minute breaks here and there, it continued on until Sunday
night. The local weather people say we've gotten 10-18" (25-45 cm) of
snow, depending on exactly where you are located around the Spokane

I'm loving it. But I have to say too that I don't have to get out in it
unless I want to, unlike most people. The local school kids did get a
Snow Day off, though. I imagine that they are all taking this unexpected
and extra day off to hit the books really hard. (Yeah, right.)

After it stopped snowing last night, today we have clear and more or
less sunny skies. It's a perfect day to build a snowman, a snowfort,
or have massive snowball fights. I really think they should give all
the adults the day off too so they can have really good snowball fights
or go sledding. It's days like this that make you stop and realize how
structured and task-oriented our lives are these days.

And the weather forecast for Tuesday through next Sunday? You
guessed it — more snow.

Snow, wonderful snow.

This isn't the same moose that got trapped
in the ice up at Loon Lake. This is a different
moose that wandered into the yard of someone
here in Spokane. I must say these moose seem
to be getting pretty rambunctious with all this
winter weather.