Christina Ricci.

Actress Christina Ricci, filming on the set of her new movie Penelope, was
recently molested by one of her co-stars — a chimpanzee named Chim Chim.

The chimp, according to Ricci, "grabbed my left breast and [would] not
let go."

Christina was rescued by fellow actors Reese Witherspoon, James McAvoy,
and Richard Grant.

At that point Chim Chim then grabbed Witherspoon's right breast, pinched
McAvoy on the ass, and then ran off and masturbated in front of a bunch
of sound technicians.

There is no word yet on whether the chimpanzee will be replaced, though
the insider Hollywood scoop is that Chim Chim has now been asked to star
in the upcoming Chimps Gone Wild: Spring Break 2008 video.

Drew Barrymore.

Let's not even go there, okay?