Well, it's now down to two (2) Democratic contenders for the nomination
for President. As a service to my readers, I thought I would provide a
few quick facts about each to help in the decision-making process.


  • Has 94 years experience in government, having filled her first
    government post as Secretary of the Interior under Woodrow Wilson.

  • Like her husband Bill, has never actually smoked marijuana.

Proof that Bill and Hillary have
never smoked marijuana.

  • Is a published author, having written It Takes a Village, a hard-
    hitting crime novel set in Ozark, Arkansas.

  • Likes to hang with her Secret Service agents and drink smoothies.

  • Cuffs don't match the collar.

A little frosted in front, but
otherwise dark. (H.S. yearbook photo.)

  • Talks and gives little smoochie kisses to the plants in her office when
    she waters them.

  • Hobby: Collects Doris Day records.


  • Maintains his "political outsider" status by constantly getting lost in
    the U.S. Capitol building.

  • Is ethnically classified as homo sapiens sapiens. Is also classified
    as being in the Phylum Chordata and possesses a spine.

  • In high school, dreamed of becoming a movie star using the name "Barry

"Barry" Obama impersonating his
idol, John Travolta.

  • Is saving up his U.S. Senate paychecks to buy the Chicago Bulls.

  • Won the Calligraphy Institute of America's 2002 "Best Signature" award.

Obama's signature.

  • Is 6'1" tall and 10" wide.

  • Hobby: Collects postage stamps with pictures of birds on them.