Ch. Solo's Drag-Queen SL, the top
dachshund at the Westminster Dog Show
this year.

Monday and Tuesday marked the 2008 Westminster Dog Show, held in New
York City. The Westminster is arguably the top dog show in the U.S. And
once again, the dachshunds got totally screwed at the show. None of the
dachsies even made it past the Hound Group in the judging.

I tell ya, the thing is fixed. Somebody in high places obviously has something
against dachshunds. Though I don't want to mention any names, let's just say
I suspect it has something to do with a certain Vice-President with the initials

Anyway, if you care to watch a video of the judging of the smooth-coat
dashshunds (set to music!) just go here.

Luckily, my own dachshund, Baron, was totally oblivious to all this human-
invented show business. He's happy just to be with his daddy and to get a
bit of extra hotdog for breakfast in the morning.

Ch. Brodny Schoolhouse Rocketman, the top
smooth-coat dachshund at the show.

Hmmph. My dachsie has twice the penis
this dog has.