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Last night my friend Sean and his friend
Elizabeth kidnapped me and forced me to
watch a Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball game
and then took me to a match of the Lilac
City Rollergirls roller derby team at the
Convention Center downtown.

For which I thank them immensely.

I had never been to the roller derby
before. Evidently it is the same kind
of old-time roller derby that Raquel
Welch did in Kansas City Bomber.

If nothing else it was a novel photo
opportunity. And I had a lot of fun.

Last night's match was kind of an
intermural match-up, with the Lilac
City Rollergirls divided into two teams.
Incidentally, not all the women on the
Rollergirls are young. My friend Ryan
told me that one is a grandmother.

Some of the Rollergirls on the sidelines.

This girl gave the camera a really nice smile.

I was stalking this redhead all night long.
Photographically speaking, of course.

I tried out this feature on my camera
that I had never used before. Evidently,
this is what it does. Go figure.

My friends Sean and Ryan.


A girl at the Rollergirl's publicity table.

The Convention Center, late night.

Ryan in front of the escalators.