Although highly original, the BTK
Architectural Assoc. entry for the new
Seattle War Memorial was judged to be
"a bit too bleak" by the City Council.

Grace Slick respected Janis Joplin
immensely. But she had to admit that
she always did hate Janis' old "I'm
gonna strangle the crap out of ya" joke.

Competition at this year's Alfred
Hitchcock Look-Alike Contest was
particularly keen.

No matter how how hard he tried, Bob
Dylan just couldn't get the lyrics for his
new song, "Just Keep Chasin' Them Tires,"
to quite come together.

While the managers at Macy's thought the
young Marilyn Monroe was an excellent
sales clerk, their final conclusion was
that she was simply "too distracting"
to work at their store.