Please turn off your cell phones before
viewing this trailer.

In case you've been wondering where I've been the past couple of days in
terms of posts, I've been working on a new novella. In fact, I'm almost
finished with it. It's about time I got some new fiction up here. And I
have to admit that as much as I like doing the regular posts, it's the
fiction that really interests me. Incidently, this isn't the short story
that I mentioned last month. After working on the short story for a while,
I decided that in terms of something I could feel positive about that I
would rather work from the 3500 words or so of the novella from last year.

Taking a break from the novella today I started looking into WordPress.
It's just something I'm thinking about. It certainly would be a lot of
work tweaking the CSS for a new template.

Anyway, above you can find a "trailer" (or maybe it's more like a "teaser")
for the new novella, Those Songs We Sing to Ourselves. I hope you don't
get too excited looking at it — I would hate for you to spill your popcorn.