The spacious interior of the new
Planet Famine restaurant in Manhattan.

New York, known for its trend-setting restaurants, once again proved
itself to be on the culinary cutting edge this week with the opening of
the new Planet Famine restaurant.

"Our emphasis is on bread and water" said Chris and Jamie Portman, chefs
at Planet Famine. "We want to make the minimalistic, starvation experience
available to a wider audience."

Portman said that many types of bread offered will be made with the same
flour that is being distributed in Darfur and other areas of Africa. "We
were of the opinion that we should offer authentic cuisine here, not just
some rich New Yorker's idea of authentic" the owners said.

The restaurant's menu will include 24 different types of bread and over
40 different varieties of bottled water. Gruel will also be offered as a
side dish. Deserts offered will be freshly scavenged berries and peanut
butter brownies made from cans of peanut butter found in fallout

"I think it's about time we had a place like this" said supermodel Kate