My new Logitech keyboard.

While my sister Tass was here, me and John and Keegan took a drive up to
Office Depot to buy a new computer keyboard. The shift keys were sticking
a bit on my old one, and worse yet the Enter/CR key would stick and add
about 200 lines to my text file before I could get out a paper clip and
pull it up. Not good, and a lot of extra work.

I've always said that when Virgos die and go to Heaven, they go to Office
Depot. It's a great place to spend a lot of extra money that you didn't
intend to spend. I finally found the section where they had the keyboards.
I passed on all the expensive Wi-fi keyboards. I never understood why you
would want to spend all that money to get a keyboard that is going to rest
about one foot from your monitor. I found a nice cheap keyboard for $7.98
US, but it was USB and all my USB ports are used at this point.

I finally found a Logitech keyboard that was good, old-fashioned PS/2. It
cost $25 US, about twice what I was hoping to pay. But I really had no
choice — it was either that or the even more expensive Wi-fi crap or buy
the cheap keyboard and a new USB card. The Logitech PS/2 was cheaper
than either of those alternatives.

I was happy that the new keyboard has a full-size backspace key, a luxury
I haven't had for a while.


Model: Logitech Elite Keyboard LS
Manufacture: China
Type: PS/2
Tactile feel: Very good
Keyboard layout: Good
Hot keys: More than I'll ever use
Price: Reasonable (Get 'em while you can, the PS/2s are disappearing)

Now all I have to do is try not to punch the Enter key like a Kung Fu
guy throwing a finger punch. Which is how I ruined the old one.