MOPITT satellite data from space showing CO2 emmisions.

"Oh, if we could but get up into a watch-tower so high
that from it we might behold the whole world spread out under
our feet, then I would show you the wreck of a world. Nation
warring against nation and kingdom in collision with kingdom;
some men tortured, others put to the sword; others swallowed
up by the waves, some dragged away into slavery; here a wedding,
there a funeral; men born here, men dying there; some living in
affluence, others begging their bread; and not the army of Xerxes,
great as that was, but all the inhabitants of the world, alive
now but destined soon to pass away. Language is inadequate to a
theme so vast and all that I can say must fall short of the reality."

— St. Jerome, Letter LX (396 A.D.)