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Caterina Winery Merlot 2000.
The bottle I have has a lot less
in it at this point.

This afternoon the folks upstairs who work at Caterina Winery brought me
down two bottles of wine from the Caterina Cellars. They gave me a bottle
of Merlot 2000 and one of Cabernet-Sauvingnon 2000. I had covered a couple
of music events they had there at the winery, and they said that they wanted
to thank me for getting the Caterina name out there in the blogosphere a
little more.

Looking at the Merlot, which was the Millenium year issue, I was thinking
that it would be really cool to save it back for my grandchildren to drink
at the next millenium in 2100. But since I don't have any grandchildren,
I drank it.

I'm not a wine expert, but just smelling the cork on the Merlot I could
tell that it was going to be good. And it turned out to be very good
indeed. The 2000 (and perhaps this is typical for Caterina vineyard, I
don't know) was on the heavy side, more like a Merlot-Cabernet. So if
you like the flavor of Merlot, but like heavier wine, this is just up
your alley.

One of the problems with Merlot is always that from year to year and
vineyard to vineyard the acidity can vary greatly. I found the Caterina
2000 to be very low on the acid side.

As for the Cabernet, I haven't tasted it yet.

I would like to thank my very good neighbors and Caterina for the
kickback very generous gift. Who says that blogging doesn't pay?

Now all I have to do is get NBC, whose programs I have plugged a number
of times, to send me Alicia Witt.

And now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to go drink the rest of that
bottle of wine. I'll put on Moby's Hotel, the second and ultra-mellow
Ambient CD. I'll turn down the lights and let my mind just drift, perhaps
to the magical mountain of Mauna Kea, thinking of big eyes pointed out
into the sky, letting myself travel for a while into the cold and brilliant