Danica Patrick in a photoshoot
for Sports Illustrated.

Last weekend, Indy-car driver Danica Patrick became the first woman in
history to win an open-wheel auto race by winning the Japan 300. Danica
won the race by six seconds over two-time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves.

Some had expressed doubts that Patrick, who has been on the Indy-car
circuit for some time and who had been the bridesmaid in a number of
races, could ever put a win in the bag. Most, though, pretty much
thought that with Danica's obvious abilities that it was pretty much
inevitable. Janet Guthrie, the first woman Indy-car driver, said of
Patrick, "Anybody who didn't think she was going to win simply hadn't
been paying attention."

Talking with David Letterman on his show after the win, Patrick credited
the close relationship she had with her family, and the positive influence
of her friends, with helping her achieve her goals in racing.

Patrick has been on this blog before. As for me, I always felt that
she would get the eventual win. So to Danica, two giant thumbs up.