A while back I got together with my friend Sean and his then-girlfriend
Elizabeth and our friend Joanna. I don't know how the conversation ended
up there, but I found myself talking about my first girlfriend in high
school. Joanna asked me what she had looked like. "She looked like a
short Cher" I told her. A little later, I happened to mention the first
girl I ever slept with. When they asked me what she looked like, I told
them "She kinda looked like a short, really voluptuous Cher."

Now, I knew that sounded sort of strange. It made me sound like I had
some sort of obsessive-compulsive thing with Cher going on. We all had
a good laugh at that.

For the record, those are the only two women I've ever had relations
with who looked like Cher.

Maybe it was just a phase.