"The better to see you with, my dear…"

Before I go into anything else on this post I would like to thank my friends
here at Opera. The past two weeks have been difficult due to the vision
problems, but there is no doubt that the kind words and sympathy of so
many here made the experience a lot more bearable.

Late yesterday I got the call from the optometrist that my new contacts
were in, and we set up an appointment for 4:30 today. So once again I
hopped the bus up to Northtown Mall. The contacts are so comfortable
compared to the old ones I had been wearing. And as for the optics, I'm
seeing better than I have in years. It really does look like a brand new
world. I still have to get reading glasses for the up-close work, though.
So in July I'm going to go back and get examined for the reading glasses.
I have a couple pairs of dime-store type reading glasses that I can wear
in the meantime. But I spend 10-12 hours a day usually looking at type on
the computer, and I think given that it is better to get the fine-tuned
reading glasses.

As I came out of Lenscrafters it occurred to me that on my previous trip
that I had missed out on all the hot mall-babe action. So of course I
just had to make up for that. I went upstairs to the food court, which
is probably the best place in the mall for babe watching, and got a
Philly cheesesteak and a Coke. I ate the sandwich and checked things
out. About five tables away from me there was this really cute blonde.
But it would have taken more than new contacts to take her home, it would
have required a total body transplant. I finished my sandwich, then stopped
to help this woman who had MD or something take off her sweater, as she was
having trouble with it and her caregiver was off getting the food. Which
wasn't too exciting, but at least kindness doesn't require a total frigging
body transplant.

When I got home, I discovered that the new monitor my friend Sean brought
over a number of months back is pretty awesome. It's as clear and sharp as
a flat-panel. That's the good news. The bad news is that I noticed the number
of images I have on the blog that are terrible looking, such as a recent photo
of myself in my new fedora that is just plain out-of-focus. Given how much time
it would take to go back over almost 700 posts and check them and correct any
bad images, I've decided to go with a "year zero" type of solution…forget
the past, just try to get the images looking nice in the future. I also noticed
that my Banner is a lot grainier than I thought it was. I might very well try
to fix that one somehow — if I can find the original image.

On a personal note, I just looked in the archive and found that I somehow
managed to do seven posts during the period, including two long ones. Not
all that bad, considering. I really am a stubborn son of a bitch when it
comes right down to it.