It's the return of Indiana Jones.
"It's not the years, honey, it's the milage."

It's tough, all this waiting. Sitting at my
desk looking distractedly out the window,
tapping a pen on the blotter. Or staring at
the wall twiddling my thumbs. The time seems
to be passing so slowly.

Will May 22nd ever come? Because that's the date
for the opening of the new movie in the Indiana
Jones chronicle — Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It's been 19 years since the last Indiana Jones movie.
And according to what I've read, this movie continues
the saga 19 years later in the fictional chronology as
well. As such Spielberg decided to play up the character
of the aging action-hero. So I imagine that you'll find
Indiana complaining a lot more in this one about various
bumps and bruises, and perhaps even dealing with a few
physical limitations that he didn't have before. All of
which will be played for the humor, of course. But for
all us old guys, it will be a bit more than that. It will
be us out there, having those adventures in spite of age.
Which of course will be wonderful.

In this one, Indiana must deal with fanatical Soviets
instead of Nazis. Cate Blanchett plays the villain in
this one. I don't like Blanchett. Hopefully she won't
screw things up too much. And in a truly inspired move,
Spielberg got Karen Allen from Raiders of the Lost Ark
to come back as the romantic interest. I would expect
her to do a bit more fighting in this one than in the
earlier movie. These days, women get to stand alongside
the heroes, not behind them. Shia LaBeouf, who is unknown
to me, plays Indiana's sidekick.

Only nine more days. I guess I'll finish this and stare
out the window some more.

"You and I, Dr. Jones, are simply passing
through history. But this…this IS history."

— What you might call the archaeologist's
credo from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Karen Allan, looking almost unchanged
since Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Kate Blanchett in the latest chic
Marxist-Leninist outfit. I think Spielberg
got his decades mixed up on this one.
Probably on purpose, of course.

Once again, Indiana seems to have a bit
of trouble when it comes to motor vehicles.