Danny Roma (as I call him) sent me a link
recently to a place that sells some very
unique t-shirts. Certainly much different
than the whacked Neo-Con t-shirts that I
mentioned a while back. These shirts are
fun and smart. Even if you aren't in the
market for a new shirt, it's fun checking
them all out.

But these days I prefer to date
much younger artifacts.

Yeah, Lucy is hot. But it's homo erectus
that really gets me excited.

That culture really needed
to lighten up a bit.

When life gives you peas,
you invent genetics and make
pea salad.

Just like Marie Curie
used to make!

Guaranteed to get out all those
damn spots, or your money back!

I'll leave the rest of them for you to
discover for yourself. You can find them
at The Mental Floss Store.