Don't let this black hole fool you.
It's not going to stop the Olympics.

JULY 2001. International Olympic Committee awards 2008 Summer Games
to China.

MARCH 2008. China gets medieval on Tibet's ass. Possible boycott of
Olympic opening ceremony considered.

MAY 2008. Massive earthquake hits China, hundreds of thousands die.
Olympics become part of "the healing process."

EARLY JUNE 2008. China invades Taiwan and reclaims it for the mainland.
Nations all over the world condemn the act. Serious talk of boycotting
the Olympics altogether.

LATE JUNE 2008. The Huang He and the Yangtze rivers flood. Death toll
estimated at over 200,000. Talk of Olympic boycott disappears.

EARLY JULY 2008. China nukes Manila. World reacts in horror. Most
countries announce their athletes will not be allowed to go to the

LATE JULY 2008. Massive meteor or possibly a black hole hits Heilongjiang
Province. Over one million dead. Olympics are cool again, with time at
the opening ceremony devoted to remembering the black hole victims.

AUGUST 2008. The Summer Olympics take place in Beijing with the lowest
television viewership in history. Nobody by that time gives a shit, and
they're all out playing golf and croquet anyway.