"Hey! I don't think we're in Poughkeepsie!"

In spite of opposition from their parents,
the Boys Who Play With Dolls Club stubbornly
kept up their weekly meetings.

After 17 years of ceaseless effort, Gustave
Eiffel's evil plan finally came to fruition.

David discovered far too late that The Muses
also have their dark, twisted side.

It was not really surprising to most that the
Peace and Justice League's campaign to end WWII
didn't work.

John Screaming Beaver is today generally
recognized as being the originator of the
whole "Goth" thing.

Godzilla never really expected that
the humans would be so cunning as to
throw a giant mutant psychologist in
his path.

Not even Jahweh knew quite what to
do with the slightly misguided
Goddess of Chintz.