Now THAT's a telescope, mate!
(Keck Observatory, Hawaii)

I first ran across a promo for the World Wide Telescope the other day at
TED, a link suggested to me by Danny Roma.

Being very much into telescopes, and not having anything else that I
really wanted to do last night, I visited the World Wide Telescope web
site to check it out. It did look very interesting. So of course I wanted
to download it and check it out.

But — my gawd! — check out these Download Instructions. I figure that
by the time you get done doing all of those upgrades/packs etc that your
computer will pretty much be operated remotely by Microsoft until such
time as you reformat the drive. And as far as the System Requirements,
well, maybe Bill Gates has a computer with a 2 Ghz dual processor and 2
Gigs of RAM, as well as the whopping 10 Gigs of memory that you have to
have to download the crap, but not very many people do. Me, I'm running
an old box, not exactly shabby but not what you would call cutting-edge,

I guess they figure that if you want to travel the stars badly enough,
you'll go out and pay $2000 USD for a new computer and then sell your
soul to Satan Microsoft along with it.

No thanks. Before I did all that stuff I would travel the stars the old-
fashioned way — by taking mescaline.

Or — my new idea for a good while now — by actually looking through a
frigging telescope.