Early last month I did a post called "Submit Your Sexual Fantasies."
Unfortunately, I was also playing a bit with my CSS code at the time and
somehow all the Comments the visitors left ended up being sent to my
personal message box instead of showing on the post. So I deleted the
post. But it occurred to me that with the time spent by my good visitors
putting in their Comments that it just didn't seem right to leave their
Comments in the message box.

So I decided today that I would copy and paste all the Comments and put
them on a new post. And I would like to apologize to the Commentators
for not getting them up sooner

Anyway, here are the Comments that were left. I never knew that any of
these people were on Opera. Go figure.

Submit Your Sexual Fantasies

(Comments Section)

You know I'm just an ordinary guy, with ordinary needs, so I would say
two women from L.A. with totally toned bodies and firm fake ta-tas,
giving each other a full body massage on a masseuse table.

By georgeclooney # 12. May 2008, 8:15:06

I am with Fairuza Balk and she is dancing naked with a snake in an
Egyptian temple at Heliopolis while my armies kick Octavian's ass.

By marcanthony # 12. May 2008, 10:48:17

Like, I'm in a hotel room in Jamaica with some chickie, Kirsten Dunst
maybe, yeah, Kirsten, and she's lyin' on the bed in her birthday suit,
and I'm sitting on the edge of the bed next to her and I'm pourin a bit
of the old Jack Daniels in her navel and suckin it out. Lo, wait a
minute, the brain's a bit fuzzy but I think I already did that one. Yeah,
I think I did.

By keithrichards # 12. May 2008, 12:01:32

I am in a garrett with rats running all over and Christina Ricci,
dressed as a cheap harlot, straddles my lap in a chair and tugs roughly
at the ends of my beard.

By toulouselautrec # 12. May 2008, 12:22:25

It is a pleasant Spring day in Oxfordshire and I find Carole Lombard
sitting on a Harley-Davidson in front of my house, with nothing on save
a riding cap and boots. "Hop on" she says to me. And I cannot help but
to oblige the good woman.

By winstonchurchill # 12. May 2008, 14:42:41

Night hangs heavy in the room, and the beautiful Anna Paquin,
kneeling on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, dressed as a
southeast island girl, strums gently on a ukulele, her small white
breasts glistening in the flickering light.

By robertbrowning # 12. May 2008, 15:15:12

I am on top of Johnny Depp, hopping up and down as he holds my breasts,
hopping and hopping and hopping until the universe explodes in a brilliant
while light and I feel a hot searing wind come rushing through my entire

By mariecurie # 12. May 2008, 16:00:48

In my erotic masterpiece the goddess Salma Hayek wears a crown of
thorns, while in her right hand is a golden sceptre with the eye of a
hippopotamus. She lays nude on a magnificent expanse of white tiles,
surrounded by small red scorpions, and I become quickly aroused.

By salvadordali # 12. May 2008, 17:28:08

Brad Pitt, naked as a Greek god, is bent over an exquisite Louis XIV
dining table, sipping vintage wine from a brilliant ruby Murano goblet.
He looks back over his shoulder at me, his ripe lips still moist from
the wine, his deep brown eyes slowly but inevitably causing that fatal
surrender within myself that, no doubt, will soon mean that I will be
headed back to prison.

By oscarwilde # 12. May 2008, 21:40:37

It is just at dusk and Julianne Moore is slumped in a big overstuffed
chair wearing nothing much except the air she's breathing. She smokes
a cigarette as I sip my rye, and she's giving me a look that lets me
know in no uncertain terms, crappy world or not, that she is about to
make me one very happy man for the rest of the evening and, who could
know, maybe the entire damn night.

By raymondchandler # 12. May 2008, 23:10:24