It took a lot of people to massage
an ankle in 1976.

I was originally doing to do a post on the hot babes of AMC's series Mad
and CBS's new show Swingtown. But unfortunately CBS doesn't seem
to have gotten its shit together yet with very many good photos from
their show. Whereas Mad Men just goes over the top with great pictures.

Mad Men is set in the early 60s and is about the cut-throat advertising

Swingtown is set in 1976 and is about, well, hoppin' on the Love Train.

I have to admit that the late 70s and the sexual revolution is a period
that is dear to my heart — a type of Golden Age — or at least that's
how I think of it and I'm not too much for nostalgia. From what I've seen
there are some great bikinis to be found on Swingtown, and a lot of ABBA-
style disco dresses, not to mention most of the groovy chics running around
that show have thrown their bras in the trash can. So it's really too bad
there aren't more good photos yet.

But I'm going to work on it, and perhaps do another post on that one. In
the meantime there are lots of totally hot women in classic retro clothing
on Mad Men to look at — and some really nice suits as well.

Now featuring new pics for Angeliki — with some hot guys!

A studio shot comparing the older 50s style
worn on the show with the newer, 60s style.

A very nice dress, with hat and bag.

Out at the nightclub, and a very
handsome suit.

Another cool nightclub shot.

I would sell my mother to slave traders
for this blonde.

And I think that all the bananas agree with me.

A good cigar, Canadian Club rye…
now that's how you put in overtime.

This is why guys bother to put on
a tux in the first place.

A couple more nice suits.


The cast group shot from Vanity Fair.