A while back I proposed an idea to send an old, beat-up Edsel to Mars —
simply because we could. Well there's been some interesting news lately
that I think works into that, or could work into that.

Scientists now think that with the soil composition and moisture content
on Mars that it would be a perfect place to grow asparagus.

Well that is wonderful news. I've been thinking now that it might be
possible to not only get that Edsel up there, but we might also be able
to send seeds and task the little rovers currently on station on the
surface to grow asparagus.

Of course, it doesn't make too much sense to grow asparagus on Mars if
there's nobody around to eat it. So I guess we're just gonna have to put
men on Mars after all.

Or maybe rabbits.

Rabbits would probably be cheaper — less payload.

So that would make it

A) an old Edsel; followed by
B) asparagus; then
C) rabbits.

Sort of my own strange idea of terra-forming.

And in case you are wondering, here's the way that would work. The
little rovers would plant the asparagus. Then, after a period of time,
they would harvest the asparagus and take it to the outer airlock door
of the big Rabbit Module. They would place the vegetable in the air
lock, then hit a button to close the airlock door. That would cause a
light to go off inside of the inner airlock door. Attracted by the
light, the well-trained rabbits would go up to it and hit a button with
their nose which would open the door. Then they would eat the asparagus.

We'd probably have to send rabbit food pellets with the rabbits, just to
keep them fed until the whole asparagus industry took off.

All of this is just the beginning. The long term goal would be to transform
the Martian climate. That way, the rabbits won't have to wear little space

Let's light this candle!

(And my thanks to Naomi for the news link!)