I didn't know whether to do a post on this, as it is very embarrassing.
But I decided that, chances are, people were going to figure it out
eventually — so I might as well be straight-up about it.

When I contacted Gary Denness about his upcoming marriage a good number
of days back, he e-mailed me that he was leaving on the 27th of July.

Well, I read the thing wrong. I thought is was 27 June. So I started
planning the bachelor party, asking Gary when he would be available to
come around for the party. He wrote me that the 26th at about Noon his
time would be good. So I put the wheels in motion. Of course, he was
talking about July. But my head was still stuck on the June thing.

So. I really screwed the pooch on that one. But Gary does tell me that
he had a good time at the party, and if you check the Comments he has
posted a few thanks to everyone there.

I suppose it might be for the best. The day before he leaves for his
trip might be a very busy day for him. So perhaps it was better that we
had it early — even if it was a month early.

Anyway, I thank all who dropped by. I had fun, and I think a lot of
other people did also.

And if any of you want to drop by Gary's blog and wish him a good send-
off, you still have until the 27th of July to do it!

In order to try to make it up to you all, I went and picked out a really
nice video
for you all to watch. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, man. I am SO sorry about that! Another stupid mistake!