Yesterday I went downtown to take care of
some business, and as usual got distracted
afterwards. It was busy in most places, with
yesterday being the de facto start of the
4th of July weekend.

I doubt this is the type of pole dancing
I normally think of; which is probably illegal
in public.

A nice old '51 Dodge parked outside of
the Satellite.

The first and second floor lobbies and the
bar at the Ridpath Hotel are my favorite
places for taking pictures right now. The
bar has all of these empty picture frames
suspended through the interior area. Empty
picture frames were sort of an old Dadaist

Not a very good photo, but continuing
with my recent obsession with windows.
Windows, empty picture frames — I think
for me they are symbols of passage.

This is my favorite photo taken to date
at the Ridpath. The bartender is used to me
by now. He's cool with both my little camera
and my Jack Daniels.

Back in my own neighborhood, I ran
into my friends Scott and Nikki. I've
known them for about eight years now, and
they are good people. Here's Scott.

And here's Nikki. I got a couple color
shots of her, but I didn't think she would
like them.

Scott and Nikki started fooling around with
my camera, and Nikki whipped off a sequence
of five of me that were all great. I guess
those incredible Siberian Husky eyes of
hers are pretty good composing shots too,
not just great to look at.

I had been taking some landscape stuff
before I handed the camera to Scott and
Nikki, so the camera was still in 16:9 mode
when she took the these. It is certainly a
very versatile aspect ratio, working here
quite nicely even for portraits. I can't
wait to get the new Leica with the
high-res 16:9.

Nikki actually got me to smile, which
has been difficult lately.

"Pat Maginess: Private Eye."

Thanks for taking the pictures, Nikki!