With Opera being down today I grabbed
my camera and took a little walk. It was
cool and sunny here, with temperatures in
the 70s. For B&W photography sunny days
are not the best. We generally prefer nice,
overcast days. So I tuned the camera settings
a bit, going all the way down to ISO 80. I
haven't shot at an ISO that low since I used
a couple of rolls of Ilford Pan 50 about five
years ago.

An old tree on my street, which evidently
lost a few limbs along the way. But it's still
getting by.

Coeur d'Alene Park.

I put up a flower for Angeliki a while back.
These are for Star — long overdue.

Taken at the bed and breakfast down the street
from me. Usually at this time of year there are
hundreds of beautiful roses out in their yard.
But this year, due to Winter lasting until June,
I think the flowers here just kinda had a tough
time of it. There are far less roses and many
are in poor shape.

"Door #1."

Taken in the basement of my apartment
building. More with my recent thing
with doors and windows.