Since my copy of Cosi Fan Tutte came in Thursday it's the only thing
I've listened to. So far I've given it one good listen — with a few of the
good tracks played over again, of course.

Well this morning I decided to unwrap and play the other album that I
"accidentally" bought at the same time as Cosi — you know how that
goes. This Volume 1 of the Partitas follows Volume 2 that I bought a
few months ago, both of which replace the ancient set I have on vinyl.
I'm sure that even if I had anything to play the vinyl on that it would
be more Spizzles and Pops than Bach anyway.

So, more Glen. My mom was laughing at me bobbing my head up and
down to the Gigue of the B-flat Major — hey, what can I say, it's just
that kind of head-bangin' music.